Generations of Mexican Cooking Experience

We are a dine-in and carry-out restaurant offering delicious Mexican cuisine.

We’re a Family Owned Buisness

Our story begins with the encounter of two stranded immigrants who find themselves along the way. By merging traditional techniques with modern cuisine, the chef Benedict Yanez and her wife Yanez (originally from Mexico D.C but truly raised in Aguas calientes). Benedict migrated from El Salvador in 1996, looking for a brighter future in Texas, learning along the way all the necessary skills for running a restaurant. By chances given to him by wonderful people, he worked for over 24 years in different European and American restaurants creating in him the dream to own his own.

By 2013, with a baby girl on board, the Yanez decided to follow their dreams by spending their life savings on a food truck. This allowed them to spend more time with their new family, however the lack of experience of managing a whole business as well as their limited funding created major obstacles to be overcome by patience and temperance. All this hard work finally paid off in 2021 when the Yanez family decided to open their first restaurant, kindly named LOS CHAMACOS (the kids in Mexican) in honor of their 8-year-old daughter and her baby brother. The new business created new challenges as well, not excluding the global pandemic, reinforcing their fighting attitude towards life, as hard works betrays no one. No matter the dish, from a freshly made Mole to homemade tamales, chilaquiles and enchiladas, Los Chamacos offer the best kind of Mexican food over the Rio Bravo. Life is all about getting back up however one must learn along the way from past mistakes as ego alone won’t get you anywhere.

Our employees are an important part of our family, as they been with us in this journey both in thick and thin. Even through hardships they excel by delivering a freshly made Mexican dish to your table every day with a smile. We thank all our Arlington friends and neighbors for all the support provided during these difficult times. Our faith in God keeps us moving forward per diem.

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We offer Mexican cuisine classics, like fajitas, enchiladas, molcajete, pambazo and barbacoa. While Columbia Pike is home to several restaurants serving Latin American and Spanish dishes, there are few in the area dedicated solely to Mexican food.

The restaurant also features an open kitchen set up for diners to be able to observe the food preparation and operations in the hopes of raising customer confidence in dining indoors.

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Here are some of our customers favourite dishes so that you can try. We bring all of mexicos flavour directly to your table. Come and get to know us.

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